Together, we build the future

Throughout the Netherlands, Bun has created a pleasant way of living. Our mission at Bun is to design and create spaces where people can work, shop and live. In addition, we maintain and rent out these properties. We oversee the operations of 26 supermarkets to ensure that they run smoothly. Every aspect of our business is focused on providing our customers with the highest quality.

  • 26 supermarkets
  • 3500 employees
  • 400 properties
  • Since 1957

About Bun

From the day we were founded, we have strived to improve the lives of those around us. We do everything in our power to ensure that this wish becomes a reality. We established a number of different departments under one roof in order to accomplish all our goals. Such as real estate, project development, and supermarket management. Within these departments, we develop innovative and exciting construction projects, oversee our impeccable real estate portfolio and manage the franchise model of the supermarket chain ‘Albert Heijn.’

While we grow at a fast pace, we make sure to listen closely to the people and the environment around us. Our main mission is to ensure the happiness of our customers. For this reason, our professional work values are aligned with the cultural values of the company. Our values are built on the premise of creating a pleasant living environment for everyone. Everyone deserves to live in a place that feels like home, to have a comfortable place to work, and access to grocery stores with a wide range of product availability and excellent quality.


Bun has been a family-run business since 1957 with dedicated and loyal employees. It all began with the opening of a small milk store on Granaatstraat in Amsterdam. Our DNA is rooted in entrepreneurship. In 1966 the store moved to a larger location in Amstelveen and in 1978 the first supermarket opened at the Vrijmark in Almere Haven. We continued managing the Albert Heijn franchise supermarket chain in 1994, and one year later, we began construction of our first shopping mall in Almere Parkwijk. Our headquarters are still located in Almere.